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life skills through creative pedagogy under the care and support
of efficient and effective teachers and professionals.
SMART ACADEMY - PALEMAD - Terms & Conditions (Last updated 01-08-2018)
  1. This website is created for supporting educational needs of teachers,parents and students.
  2. The contents of this website belongs to its respective authors and the comments and posts made by the community members are not the policies of the website owner.
  3. The materials which are available for the public in this website may be taken from public domain for educational purpose only.
  4. If you find any of your intellectual rights are violated by our users you may contact us as well to get it removed ASAP.
  5. The main aim of the website is social harmony through education.
  6. For security purpose we will store cookies and cache in your browser to track the info related to your device.
  7. We may send occational emails/messages to you about website related discussions.
  8. You may need to confirm your identity on certain circumstances to keep your account active.
  9. This document is only an initial terms and conditions which allows you to register, but we have several other rules which seek a good conduct from every users to create a peaceful platform, violating them may lead to account suspension.
If you dont accept above terms & conditions then you must leave this site & if you accept & satisfy above terms then you may continue to the homepage. For any other queries please contact us.
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